Stonewall Youth

Stonewall Youth

By +For Queer Youth

Street address:
112 State Ave NE
Olympia WA 98501

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 7383
Olympia, WA 98507

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Weekly Programs By & For LGBTQ+ Youth

Stonewall Youth is open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 3-7pm for drop-ins and other activities. We also have many special events!

Most of our activities are for youth ages 21 and under, but we have a few programs for youth up to age 25.

BTW, “LGBTQ+” is shorthand used to express the many gender identities and sexual orientations of the youth we serve, which includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, gender non-conforming, genderqueer, pansexual, and more! We also welcome youth who are questioning/exploring their gender identity and/or sexual orientation.

Our regular weekly events take place at the Stonewall Community Center at 112 State Ave NE, Olympia WA 98501
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Event Calendar: Dances and camping and music…oh my!

We hosts all kinds of events at our fabulous HQ in Olympia.

We provide educational events, performances, art shows, potlucks and other events for the greater community. (bryn says: you’ll be able to click on the photos above to go directly to the event page)

For LGBTQ+ youth, we host dances, Open Mics, workshops, self-care days, camping trips, Glitter Camp, and performances and so much more. Most of these events are led by youth staff and Fellows. For example, we have at least three dances a year: Homocoming, Queer Prom and our Pride dance…

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Youth Power + Social Justice

Stonewall Youth is By + For Queer and Trans Youth. Stonewall Youth is dedicated to providing the training, resources and support necessary for LGBTQ+ youth to build and exercise their leadership and power within our organization and our communities.

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Show up for LGBTQ+ Youth!

You’re invited to support LGBTQ+ youth! Stonewall Youth invites folks to engage as volunteers, Board members, donors, and as participants in our public educational events and fundraisers.

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Stonewall Community Center

Stonewall Youth was finally able to purchase our lovely and historic building in 2018.

Along with housing Stonewall Youth, we’re making the Stonewall Community Center (SCC) a multipurpose community center designed to fulfill needs expressed by many people and social justice organizations in our community, particularly those that are “by and for” people of color and/or LGBTQ+ folks. The needs expressed include affordable and accessible office space, event and performance space, and access to space/equipment needed by low-income emerging entrepreneurs.

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Your donations support LGBTQ+ youth to survive, thrive, and lead.

You can help sustain a supportive and empowering space for LGBTQ+ youth to lead, learn, talk about their experiences, make friends, build leadership and professional skills, learn about and fight for social justice, make art and music, build community, gain the support, referrals, advocacy skills, mentorship and confidence needs to successfully navigate the struggles they face. You’re invited to make a general donation, or support one of our current campaigns.

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Help Us Rise with an Elevator!

This is exploitive to use this fab quote and image here? Help me find another image

This is exploitive to use this fab quote and image here? Help me find another image

Stonewall Youth bought our building in 2018. We use the 1st floor, which is ADA accessible, for our activities. Now we’re ready to renovate the second floor so it will be accessible as well. It is unjust that so many places in our community aren’t accessible to all members of our community. YOU can help us in our quest to install an elevator and make other needed improvements!  More information →

Support Youth Leaders + Activists


LGBTQ+ youth run Stonewall Youth! Support youth empowerment by contributing funds to pay youth staff members, Fellows, and youth participants for their work and leadership training at Stonewall Youth and for their social justice work in our communities.

Give basic Necessities to low-income LGBTQ+ youth


Stonewall Youth provides many basic necessities to low-income LGBTQ+ youth, many of whom are homeless. This includes food, bus tickets, gas cards, gender-affirming items (such as cosmetics, wigs, and binders), school supplies, clothes, and more.  

Send youth to Glitter Camp and other fabulous places!

Youth showing off their badges at Glitter Camp 2018

Youth showing off their badges at Glitter Camp 2018

Glitter Camp is our annual youth-led camp for LGBTQ+ youth and Stonewall staff, volunteers and Board members. Since 2010, we’ve gone an an annual excursion to for three or four days  to a comfortable camp (heated cabins!) to plan and revision Stonewall Youth programs, bond, share, and participate in awesome workshops.

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